Your bookmarks everywhere with you. Visually on any browser or mobile device. is a simple bookmark manager & organizer designed for people who love to collect and explore things.

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Say “goodbye” to tons of open tabs

Hit the button in your favourite browser anytime you see something you’d like to save. Organize them immediately or later.

Visual bookmarking

Screenshots of each site help jog your memory and quickly identify the page you’re looking for.

This is especially important for visual and creative people.

Organize into collections

Group and organise bookmarks in a logical way to help you find them faster. No chaos of tags.

The absence of hierarchy in tags hinders organize and finding related bookmarks. With more bookmarks and tags, tagging becomes laborious.

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Quick search

All your bookmarks and collections are at your fingertips.

Just type keywords.

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Share your showcase

Provide access via a unique link to selected collections for your team, family, or the entire world.

You have complete control over access to each of your collections.

Made with care

Simple and handy tool for everyday use. Fast and easy.
Organize, move or remove multiple items at once.
Private & Secure. We keep your data safe, never sold.
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Rediscover lost bookmarks via the “Overview” dashboard.
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Choose your appearance between light or dark theme.
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Import existing bookmarks from your browser.

Just the bookmarking

We’re not trying to make another dustbin of assorted scraps of information. No files, notes or pictures taken out of context. Just visual links to resources you might find useful.

Not another Swiss knife

No extra features that nobody uses.

Under your control

No algorithms or any kind of magic.

No social ranking

No comments, likes or ratings.

Zero noise

No advertising, notifications or distractions.

Used by the great minds

Teams Freelancers Knowledge seekers Analysts Designers Writers Software developers Investors Teachers Students Chefs is your all-time buddy if you love to explore, collect and store valuable artifacts and appreciate neatness.

Let’s start collect your bookmarks!

  • Collect and organize your bookmarks and collections.
  • Access your bookmarks across devices.
You won’t be able:
  • Keep more than 100 bookmarks.
  • Create more than 10 collections.
  • Share collections with everyone.
  • Collect and organize your bookmarks and collections without any limitations.
  • Share collections with everyone.
  • And all future Prime features.
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Start for free
Fast and easy. No card required.
Start for free
Fast and easy. No card required.